Dear Larry Shippers i know how u feel. but remember they can delete all the tweet but they can’t hide all the love they have for each other


Dear Liam Payne,


I’m still waiting for an apology for this shirt.


But more importantly


I am still waiting


for you to wear it again.


Seriously. Do it.


everyone take a break and listen to my father talk about larry stylinson

Once you fall in love with someone, I don’t know if you can ever shake them.

Feb 17th, ‘14 x/x

Drunk!Liam at the Brits 2014

Kat Graham’s visit to Syrian refugee families in Jordan for the UNHCR

"When you think of refugees you often think of people rendered powerless,” she said. “But when I think of the people I’ve met, I think of qualities that I aspire to have. These are people making lemonade out of lemons, building fountains in front of their caravans with rocks from the desert because it reminds them of home, marshalling every last spirit of enterprise and innovation that runs deep in their veins to support the ones they care for most. I see new depths of love, commitment to family, community spirit and generosity – incredible values that we can all learn from."

To read Kat’s full story or make a donation, head to